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Boston Children's Chorus with Nik Walker The Boston Children's Chorus perform with Nik Walker, star of Hamilton, Photo: © Gretjen Helene Photography

Boston Children's Chorus to visit UK this year
The American speaks to members of the Boston Children's Chorus ahead of their performance at the 2017 International Youth Choir Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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The Boston Children's Chorus (BCC) will be flying to the UK this April to perform at the inaugural International Youth Choir Festival in London's legendary Royal Albert Hall. The Festival, organized by the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, in partnership with the Royal Albert Hall, will celebrate world voices, with young singers from as far afield as South Africa, Israel and Indonesia, as well as the US, taking to the stage.

Ahead of their tour, four members of the Boston Children's Chorus sent us their thoughts about the Festival, about Britain, and about the music.

Chloe Duval, 15 years-old:

"The tour this year is especially amazing because not only do we get to experience one new country and culture in London, but we will also be exposed to cultures from around the world! We are so fortunate to have an opportunity to meet singers from seven other countries.

Choral music in general is especially important to me because it's about more than just a love of music; it's about teamwork. A chorus could be filled with amazingly talented musicians, but if they don't work together, they can never live up to their full potential. Being able to blend and work together is one of the key aspects of choral singing, and it's definitely one of my favorites."

Hannah Cole, 17 years-old:

"I'm especially excited about the tour because I will be able to meet young people from all over the world who share my passion for singing. All the choirs that are attending seem incredibly talented, and they all have a different styles and backgrounds that influence their music. It will be really interesting for me to learn about what being in a chorus has meant to these singers and to share my own experiences with BCC.

Singing has always made me happy, and singing in a chorus has given me a community and a space in which I can constantly learn and grow as a musician and as a person. This will be my first time going overseas with BCC, and also my first time visiting the UK, and I'm really looking forward to being able to learn and grow by experiencing the country for the first time with such an amazing group of singers."

Loulou Taylor, 17 years-old:

"My family is British and I go to London a lot, but I am so excited to be able to tour with people I love doing what I love. I love singing choral music because it is expressive, personal, and individual, yet also a bonding experience with a larger group. BCC's specific type of choral music is a wide range of classical, religious, traditional (etc) that I love, because I get to experience a wide variety of music. Because I want to study music when I go to college, BCC helps me not only make connections with amazing musicians, but also partake in wonderful and life changing experiences like this London tour."

Donya Shavarini, 15 years-old:

"As someone who has been with the Boston Children's Chorus for 8 years, I think it's important to value choral music in the way we do. Going on tour this year allows us to not only focus on creating social change within our own country and learn about our own culture through song, but also expand our perspectives and listen to others do the same from their own countries. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to learn how different cultures use the power of music in ways, similar or different, to those at BCC."

We at The American wish all the best to the BCC on their UK tour. If you'd like to attend the International Youth Choir Festival and cheer on an American choir in London, as well as celebrate world music from all corners of the globe, tickets are available directly from the Royal Albert Hall website at www.royalalberthall.com.

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