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The American has been published since 1976, the USA's Bicentennial year, for Americans in the UK – visitors, vacationers, those working here and those who have decided to make Britain their home. They come from all walks of life, but many are in banking & finance, the oil industry, the military, the diplomatic corps or are entrepreneurs and run their own companies here. Its bimonthly print publication, website and social media offer an immediate lively and essential read. It became a hub of this active community and provides its audience with need-to-know information and entertaining content.

The American actually began life in '76 as a newspaper for the American community in Britain. In the mid 2000s, it was developed into its current glossy, magazine format. Combining the ethos of community publishing from its days as a newspaper with the high quality, professional, luxury experience of reading a magazine, The American magazine's connections within the American community in London and the UK ensures it's a must read, as well as an enjoyable one.


Ambassador Johnson with Michael Burland Ambassador Johnson with The American's Editor Michael Burland.
Photo: David Hartnoll, US Embassy, London
The American is the favorite information and entertainment source for Americans living in and visiting the UK. It is the leading cross-media publication for Americans in the UK and anyone interested in American culture. Established in 1976, and originally a newspaper, it is now a multi-media platform including a beautifully produced glossy magazine in an American luxury size, with print and digital editions. An easy and attractive read on paper and screen, giving long shelf-life and high initial and pass-on readership. Regular content includes:
• Expat Advice - Essential Finance, Health & Education information for expats
• The best American Sports coverage in Britain
• The Most Comprehensive Directory of American Social Groups in the UK
• News
• US & UK Politics
• Star Interviews
• Competitions and exclusive offers
• The American community in the UK
• Things to do in the UK
• Feature Articles
• Reviews – Music, Shows, Motors, Arts & Antiques, Books, Food & Drink
• Regular columns by well known writers
• The editorial team are Americans living in Britain & the United States, and others with American links. Their mix of the essential, the informative and the entertaining makes The American a must-read.

• Circulation (print edition) 25,000
• Readers per copy (print edition) 6
• Readers per issue (print edition) 150,000

The American Magazine
The American on the Stands

A mix of paid-for subscriptions and single copy sales together with free distribution at selected quality sites. All distribution is by request.
• US Embassy and Consulates
• American Clubs & Associations
• Major International & American businesses in the City, Canary Wharf and further afield
• Airport lounges & Clubs
• American and International Schools, Colleges and Universities
• Luxury Retail outlets
• Leading hotels (at manager's request)
• Libraries
• Military bases
• Sports Venues
• Churches and Faith Groups
• Private hospitals
• Relocation Companies and New Neighbors Groups
• Selected Luxury Residential

London Public Distribution
The American magazine has a strong public circulation across the capital, particularly in the City of London and Canary Wharf, where copies are available from public stands in offices, business lounges, hotels, restaurants and serviced apartments. See below for just a few of the locations where the magazine is available:

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Print Advertising
The American offers a variety of display advertising options, including Double Page Spreads, Full Page Adverts, Half Page Adverts and Quarter Page Adverts. See below for a few examples of how existing advertisers have utilized these options to represent their brands and services. Contact advertising@theamerican.co.uk for more details.

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Directory Advertising
The American's Directory is called The A-List Directory. This is a listings section featured on our website (see here) and in every print/digital copy of The American magazine (see below). The A-List Directory is a strong, long term option for experts who have services which could benefit Americans or US-connected citizens in the UK at any time of the year. The A-List is the go to resource for Americans moving to or already living in the UK. Parts of the A-List Directory are also integrated into our website's Expat Advice section (see here). Contact advertising@theamerican.co.uk for more details.

A-List Directory (Print Magazine) - click image to expand

A-List Directory (Website)

To see how the A-List Directory is presented via our website, just go to www.theamerican.co.uk/pr/A-list.php

Distribution Schedule
The American magazine is published bi-monthly, 6 times per year. Here are our upcoming issues, their advertising deadlines, and their publication dates:
• March/April 2019 | Advertising Deadline: February 5th 2019 | Publication: Late February 2019
• May/June 2019 | Advertising Deadline: April 9th 2019 | Publication: Late April 2019
• July/August 2019 | Advertising Deadline: June 11th 2019 | Publication: Late June 2019
• September/October 2019 | Advertising Deadline: August 13th 2019 | Publication: Late August 2019
• November/December 2019 | Advertising Deadline: October 8th 2019 | Publication: Late October 2019
• January/February 2020 | Advertising Deadline: December 3rd 2019 | Publication: Late December 2019

Digital Advertising
Accompanying the bi-monthly print version of The American magazine is our website, www.theamerican.co.uk. Developed with Transatlantically mobile Americans in mind, the website has a responsive design which allows is to be easily read on smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, for Americans in the office or at home, as well as Americans on the go.

Please contact us to find out more about our digital options via the website.

E-Mail Newsletter

The American also sends out a weekly e-mail newsletter. Containing details of the latest articles online, as well as important updates from American organizations in the UK, the newsletter is our weekly contact with the growing number of our regular readers who would like to keep up to date with the American community in Britain. E-mail Banner Adverts can be booked in this newsletter. For more details, just contact advertising@theamerican.co.uk. Or, sign up to the newsletter (below) to stay up to date.

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Get Involved in The American's Events
The American holds events for our readers where they can learn essential stuff from expert speakers, enjoy themselves with US music, comedy and food & drink, network, and hang out in a relaxed, safe environment with their fellow Americans. Perfect places for you to interact with them face to face. For sponsorship opportunities call +44(0)1747 830 520 or email michael@theamerican.co.uk.

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