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UK American Cemeteries To Close for November

In line with regulations for the UK’s lockdown during November, the cemeteries at Cambridge and Brookwood have been temporarily closed to members of the public

Published on November 5, 2020

Brookwood Cemetery © Michael Burland Brookwood Cemetery © Michael Burland

The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) has confirmed that as the UK re-enters lockdown from today until December 2, the two American cemeteries in the UK will be temporarily closed to members of the public, including through November 11.

The two ABMC sites, the Cambridge American Cemetery in Cambridgeshire and the Brookwood American Cemetery in Surrey, will be closed from today, November 5. This means that the cemeteries will be unable to host public guests for ceremonies marking Veteran's Day. However, earlier this year, ABMC marked memorial day through private ceremonies, and the ABMC have highlighted that in spite of the closures, "we continue our sacred mission to honor the service, achievements, and sacrifice of the more than 200,000 U.S. service members buried and memorialized at our site".

The move to close the two ABMC sites in the UK follows similar decisions on continental Europe, where sites in France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands have also been temporarily closed in line with country-specific regulations to contain the spread of coronavirus.

If you are a Next-of-Kin, and have any questions about the operational status of ABMC cemeteries in the UK or Europe, you can contact the ABMC by e-mail, at publicaffairs@abmc.gov.

For further details on the status of ABMC sites, go to www.abmc.gov.




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