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Jeremiah Hickey and fellow winners Jeremiah Hickey (center) from California took the trophy at the inaugural Window Cleaning World Cup!

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An American Cleans up in London Competition
Jeremiah Hickey from California triumphed in the Window Cleaning World Cup at the Excel Centre in London, and defeated a World Record Holding Brit in the process

Published on March 21, 2019

Yesterday (March 20), an American triumphed in the inaugural Window Cleaning World Cup which was held at the Excel Centre, in London, as part of the Cleaning Show trade expo for cleaning professionals.

Jeremiah Hickey, 42, from California, took part in the event which saw window cleaners from all corners of the UK and overseas competing to be the fastest window washer. Competitors needed to to clean three consecutive office-style windows, with each competitor having access to a 300ml squeegee and nine liters (around 2.37 US Gallons) of water. Penalties were applied for smears, whilst entrants also needed to remember to wash the sill! Hickey came out on top with a time of 17.02 seconds, beating a world class field which included world record holder Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows from Essex, UK, who is currently the fastest cleaner in the world.

Jeremiah is also the fastest window cleaner in the US after victory in the USA’s Speed Window Cleaning contest held in San Diego earlier this year. Hickey, who runs On The Spot Window Cleaning California, won a prize of £1000 for the success. Reflecting on the win, he said "I was really surprised. To hear my name as the winner at the end, I was totally floored ... It’s different widows to what I’m used to, a different technique, so I’m really surprised. It’s been a good event." Proving that Americans can take on British windows, The American magazine sends our hearty congratulations to Jeremiah!

You can find out more about the Cleaning Show and future Window Cleaning World Cup events (hopefully featuring Jeremiah!) can be found via www.cleaningshow.co.uk.


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