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Americans View of US Response to Covid-19 Worsens

A follow up survey from YouGov finds that Americans think the country is doing worse on Covid-19 than it did in May; Brits think UK is doing slightly better

Published on September 10, 2020

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Earlier this month, the Pew Research Center published a study reviewing how Americans, Brits and citizens of other nations were reacting to their country's response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Another organization which has been studying the feedback of citizens is YouGov, which has been tracking how citizens perceive their own nation's response compared to the response of other countries.

In May, YouGov found that a majority of American respondents felt that the US had reacted to the pandemic better than China, Italy and Spain, although more felt that the country lacked in comparison to other nations including the UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and South Korea. In a new survey conducted at the start of September, YouGov now find that there was no majority among respondents who felt that the States had performed better than any of the other listed countries.

The study also found that Europeans still think Britain has dealt with Covid-19 worse than other European countries, with YouGov Data Journalist Matthew Smith writing that "Europeans continue to see Britain as the sick man of Europe, with all six nations believing by wide margins that their own country has handled coronavirus better." Smith goes on to note that "Britons tend to agree, although they have become slightly more assured of the UK’s pandemic response, with small numbers shifting toward the idea that Britain’s response has been superior since the last survey was conducted."

With the UK imposing a new law limiting gatherings to 6 people, and the concerns over the possibility of a second wave of the pandemic, how citizens perceive their nation's response will be important in terms of confidence in strategies going forward.

For the full data from YouGov, go to yougov.co.uk/topics/international/articles-reports/2020/09/09/covid-19-how-do-europeans-and-americans-think-thei




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