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Globalization leaving some Americans and Brits feeling ‘Left Behind’ and ‘Swept Up’

A focus group study conducted by the Pew Research Center before the pandemic has explored how globalization has impacted people in the US and UK

Published on October 6, 2020

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The Pew Research Center published a report yesterday, October 5, which explores some of the big issues which have affected both America and the UK in recent years. Based on focus groups conducted in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic began, the report looks at how Americans and Brits have felt about globalization, and particularly how phrases like "America First" and Britain's "Take Back Control" have become part of the popular political vernacular.

The study looks at how people begin to feel dislocated by global events, and how national identity can be disrupted by globalization. The study looks at the responses of the focus group participants, both from the US and the UK, to understand how they define and describe globalization, how it has affected them on a personal level, and how it has shaped their views on local, national and international issues.

Particularly ahead of the 2020 US Elections, and ahead of 2021 when the UK formally enters a time where it has more control over its own international relations, the study provides some useful insights, comments, research and ideas.

To read the study in full, go to www.pewresearch.org/2020/10/05/in-u-s-and-uk-globalization-leaves-some-feeling-left-behind-or-swept-up/




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