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Americans Support UK-US Free Trade

Survey shows a majority of Americans think a Transatlantic Free Trade deal will strengthen US Global Leadership, economy and jobs market

Published on October 3, 2020

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A majority of Americans continue to support a US-UK Free Trade Agreement, and that most feel that an agreement would particularly help the United States, according to a survey commissioned by the Association of Marshall Scholars.

In the poll, conducted by Emerson College, 61% of respondents said that "a free trade agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom would strengthen US global leadership". 54% said that "an agreement would strengthen the US economy", while 50% thought a Transatlantic trade deal would improve the US job market.

75% of respondents also feel that it is "very important or somewhat important that the US or the UK develop a COVID-19 vaccine before other countries such as Russia, China, and Germany".

Responding to the results, Dr. Nell Breyer, Executive Director of the Association of Marshall Scholars, said that "Over the last three years, the American public has shown strong support for a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom ... This continued support demonstrates that despite a period of deep global uncertainty, Americans recognize the democratic norms, shared values, rule of law, and common history that have helped anchor the US-UK alliance."

The full results of the survey were presented at the 2020 Marshall Forum, which took place on a virtual platform October 2nd.

This latest study follows a poll in October 2019 by the Association which also found that Americans continue to see the Special Relationship as important.

For full details from the survey, go to marshallscholars.org/news-and-updates/2020-Poll




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