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Jesse Jackson and other Americans to speak via UK Streaming Platform

The acclaimed Civil Rights leader is in conversation with David Masciotra, while a number of Americans will be speaking as part of How To Academy’s ‘How To Change The World’ conference

Published on December 1, 2020

Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson. Photo courtesy How To Academy

A number of acclaimed Americans, including Civil Rights activist Jesse Jackson, will be speaking via the UK streaming platform 'How To Academy' during the coming weeks.

How to Change the World 2020

On Friday December 4, speakers from the US and the UK will be participating in a three-part digital conference titled 'How to Change the World 2020'. The conference brings together inspirational individuals and organisations from countries around the globe to discuss world-changing solutions on a variety of topics, from technology to architecture, and from social innovation to green energy.

Among the American speakers will be attending the digital conference:

Rebecca Henderson - Reimagining Capitalism - Rebecca is the John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard University and teaches the Reimagining Capitalism course at Harvard Business School.

Phillip Agnew - The Power of Activism - Phillip is co-founder of the Dream Defenders, and is considered one of the 100 most influential African-Americans in the US.

Kenneth Roth - Human Rights after the US Election - Kenneth is the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, and served as a federal prosecutor for the Iran-Contra investigation in Washington DC.

Dr. Yusef Salaam - How to Fight Social Injustice through Art - Yusef was just 15 when his life was upended after being wrongly convicted in the "Central Park Jogger" case. Now, Yusef is a poet, activist, and inspirational speaker, and recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama.

William Jayne - Robotics and the Future of Food in a Hydrogen Based Global Economy - William is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He speaks with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist John Markoff.

'How To Change The World 2020' takes place on Friday December 4, from 12pm GMT - Buy Tickets Here.

An Evening With Jesse Jackson

On December 11, Jesse Jackson will be in conversation with his biographer, David Masciotra. A key figure throughout the Civil Rights movement, and an important voice amid today's political climate, the Reverend Jesse Jackson will be discussing a range of topics including his work to end Jim Crow laws with Martin Luther King, his victories for economic integration during the 1970s, and his experience of presidential campaigns, including the election of Barack Obama.

'An Evening With Jesse Jackson' takes place on Friday December 11, from 6:30pm GMT - Buy Tickets Here.




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