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Calls for Transatlantic Corridor to Re-Open

British American Business, an organization representing businesses in the US and UK, calls for efforts to re-open transatlantic air travel

Published on September 9, 2020

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British American Business (BAB), an organization representing over 400 businesses in the US and UK, has called for action on both sides of the pond to protect the Transatlantic economy.

In an article titled "It's Time To Take Off", BAB's Chief Executive Duncan Edwards and Director of Policy & Trade, Emanuel Adam write that "a vast number of transatlantic firms active in the UK and the US have stood up and joined Governments in their efforts to lead our economies through this crisis, and most importantly save lives. Today, these companies are also ready to do their part in helping our economies recover from the crisis."

According to BAB, transatlantic air travel is crucial to the economic recovery of both nations. BAB say that in normal times, over 20 million passengers fly between the US and UK annually, a figure which has dramatically dropped during lock downs, quarantine rules and regulations on both sides of the Atlantic. Edwards and Adam say that "earlier this year, transatlantic travel was recorded at a mere 20% of capacity in comparison to the same period in 2019."

BAB argue that this reduction in transatlantic travel is inhibiting US-UK business, delaying projects and creating missed opportunities. They describe the current "status quo" as becoming "unsustainable for businesses, especially Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)".

As well as praising ongoing efforts by airlines, airports and other firms to minimise the need for quarantine, BAB also suggest an aviation testing regime as being important: "COVID-19 testing before departure or at airports will be an effective risk mitigation measure for destinations considered to be at higher risk. It will build up vital confidence and trust with the public and businesses to travel again."

British American Business are also calling on the UK and US governments to act, saying that they "must support industry in their coordinated efforts and help with the quick approval implementation of an agreed solution. Logic suggests that the increased risk from travel between places with similar rates of infection is low and if this is coupled with the kind of test measures that the industry is suggesting, plus mandatory face coverings and aircraft and airport cleansing, the increased risk to either country should be minimal."

There have been rumors of a US-UK air corridor being introduced before the Holidays, but as the UK introduces new regulations reducing the number of people who can gather together down to 6, it's unknown if this plan is being taken further.

To see the full BAB article, and for more details on the organization, go to www.babinc.org/its-time-to-take-off




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