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Guide for Covid-19 Safety at Home Released

A guide for staying safe at home during the Coronavirus pandemic has been released for free by the Cleveland Clinic and The Clorox Company

Published on August 18, 2020

Covid-19 Mask, Mother and Daughter Photo: August de Richelieu

A guide has been published which helps families to protect themselves at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Titled "Safer at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic", the guide has been created through a partnership between The Cleveland Clinic and The Clorox Company.

The guide, which is free to download, offers useful tips on a range of subjects from face coverings and handwashing to managing symptoms and best practice for when someone in your home tests positive for Covid-19. The guide also provides tips and ideas for disinfecting and cleaning your household, as well as advice on social distancing within the home environment.

Explaining the thinking behind the guide, Benno Dorer, Chair and CEO of Clorox, said that "As we continue to contend with the challenges from COVID-19, people are looking for guidance that will give them a sense of confidence and comfort that they're taking the right steps to help them keep their families safe ... Our hope is that the guide will contribute to the collective action necessary to beat the pandemic."

James Merlino, M.D., Cleveland Clinic's Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, added that "As we focus on protecting ourselves from COVID-19, it's important we take precautions everywhere we go, including in our homes. This new guide offers advice that can prevent the spread of COVID-19, and addresses emotional well-being and ways to maintain social connections with friends and family while we are physically distant. Our organizations are committed to helping the community stay safe as we all continue to navigate a new normal during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic."

The full guide can be downloaded as a PDF document at clevelandclinic.org




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