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Erik Nelson at IWM Duxford Erik Nelson at IWM Duxford in front of the B-17 Bomber Sally B, which features artwork from the Memphis Belle

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WW2 B-17 Documentary Filmmaker Visits American Air Museum in UK
Erik Nelson made the trip ahead of UK July 4th screenings of his new documentary, The Cold Blue, about American Bomber Crews who flew from Britain during the Second World War

Published on June 27, 2019

US Filmmaker Erik Nelson visited the American Air Museum at IWM Duxford earlier today, ahead of UK screenings of his new documentary film, The Cold Blue, which chronicles the experiences of the US Eighth Air Force during the Second World War.

The film, which will be screened for one night only on July 4th across venues in the UK and Ireland, utilizes rediscovered and restored raw color footage found in the National Archives from the 1944 documentary Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress, directed by the legendary director William Wyler. Speaking to The American magazine, Erik explained that he wanted to pay tribute to those filmmakers who joined the 8th Air Force to document the war effort, saying "one of those filmmakers literally dies to bring this footage back and he and his Director William Wyler need to be celebrated and remembered for their achievement." The filmmaker Nelson refers to is cameraman First Lieutenant Harold J Tannenbaum, who was killed in action when the bomber he was flying in was shot down over France on April 16, 1943.

Ahead of the announcement that the film would be screened in the UK, Nelson said that "This project was a labor of love that has been three years in the making, from the discovery of William Wyler’s original footage to working closely with the National Archives to restore it frame by frame ... We’re excited to finally share this special project with audiences and to celebrate the last of the best — the men who risked their lives to save the world 75 years ago."

The film will feature interviews with nine surviving veterans, whose voices also narrate the footage. Their voices are heard alongside an original orchestral score from composer Richard Thompson and sound design by David Hughes.

During his trip to the Air Museum, Erik posed for photographs in front of the B-17 Bomber Sally B, which features artwork made famous by the Memphis Belle. Reflecting on the visit, Erik commented that "It’s a shrine to classic aviation. All must bow down."

On July 4th, for one night only, you can catch screenings of The Cold Blue across the UK and Ireland. For more details on venues and tickets, go to www.mycineplace.com/event-releases/the-cold-blue

To win a pair of tickets to the July 4th Screening of The Cold Blue you can Enter Here

You can also read our interview with Erik by going to https://www.theamerican.co.uk/pr/int-Erik-Nelson-Cold-Blue.


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