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Facts, Not Fights, for Thanksgiving

As a new poll finds 75% of registered voters in America think it’s “unlikely” there’ll be family arguments over Thanksgiving, USAFacts has released information to make sure facts drive discussion over the dinner table

Published on November 18, 2020

Thanksgiving Data Feast

Disagreements over Thanksgiving dinner may be a staple of American sitcoms, but a new survey by YouGov finds that 75% of registered voters in America think it unlikely that arguments will erupt over Thanksgiving this year. At the same time, a non-partisan, not-for-profit group called USAFacts has released a special data set designed to help keep Thanksgiving discussions centered on facts and figures.

The USAFacts data set, titled Thanksgiving Fact Feast, is designed to encourage friendly discussion based on facts around subjects including Covid-19, race, immigration, jobs and unemployment, wealth in America, the Federal deficit, firearms, poverty, climate, taxes and healthcare.

Explaining their mission, USAFacts President Poppy MacDonald said that "As the USAFacts team designed this year’s Thanksgiving Fact Feast, we reflected on the results of our annual State of the Facts Poll showing more than 8 in 10 people think disinformation is a major problem in the country. When Americans gather at the Thanksgiving table, we hope to create a productive discussion, rooted in trusted facts, that empowers families to discuss how to create positive change in their communities and country. A peace offering to get families on the same factual footing and avoid awkward family discussions."

YouGov's finding that 75% of registered voters think it unlikely there will be arguments during the holidays relates to another question the polling firm asked, about the type of people who respondents would be spending Thanksgiving with. 65% of Democrats say they'll be spending Thanksgiving with people who all or mostly support President-Elect Biden, while 64% of Republicans said they'd be spending time with people who all or mostly support President Trump.

To view and use the USAFacts data set, go to thanksgiving.usafacts.org. For the full results of YouGov's poll on Thanksgiving discussions, go to today.yougov.com/topics/lifestyle/articles-reports/2020/11/17/thanksgiving-fights-poll.




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