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Senator Isakson Senator Isakson (R-GA). Photo courtesy US Congress

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Georgia Senator Welcomes Dialogue With Overseas Americans
Senator Isakson creates contact form specifically for Americans living Overseas

Published on May 29, 2019

Earlier this month, The American magazine reported that US Citizens residing overseas have been struggling to contact their elected officials in America due to the use of restrictive web contact forms. We're now pleased to report that Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia has become the first US Senator to offer a specific online contact form for US Citizens with addresses outside of the United States. The move will help his expat constituents to contact him about their views and thoughts on US policy and legislation.

When visiting the Senator's E-mail Me web page, Georgians living outside of the United States will see a message that says "If you are a constituent who currently resides at a non-U.S. address, please click here to share your comments or questions for Senator Isakson." The included link takes users to a contact form specifically designed for US Citizens with addresses outside of the United States.

The change makes it clear that Senator Isakson and his team are keen to hear from their constituents based outside of the United States, which we hope will inspire other US Senators to also make their support for overseas Americans clear.

The move comes amidst a number of legislative and policy based suggestions from overseas American groups on topics including FATCA, Citizenship Based Taxation and other matters which have a specific impact on US Citizens living outside of the United States. If your elected Senators have yet to make it simpler for overseas Americans to contact them with views and queries, send your Senator's office a message via Twitter, Social Media or by telephone to make sure your voice is heard. Even if you don't have a current US address, you can still use your last known US address (or most associated US address) in the States through other contact forms.

We will also soon be looking at encouraging House of Representative members to also make it simpler and clearer for overseas Americans to contact their elected representatives.

In the mean time, a thank you to Senator Isakson and his team for putting a mark in the sand highlighting the importance of their constituents who live outside of America.


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