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Global Survey Launched for Overseas Americans

The annual survey from Greenback Tax offers the chance for expats to have their voices heard on key issues that affect them

Published on April 16, 2020

A lot is happening in the world right now, and many Americans living overseas are being affected left, right and center by the impact of decisions relating to FATCA, US Tax, the Coronavirus and many other subjects. That's why this year's Greenback Tax Survey for American expats could be particularly important.

Greenback Tax, who work with many overseas Americans through their expat tax preperation service, work with the community to prepare an annual survey offering valuable insights and information on the key issues affecting Americans living outside of the US, and their views on big topics that affect them. This year, the survey will look at questions relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, tax, the 2020 Presidential Election and other issues.

Carrie McKeegan, Co-Founder and CEO of Greenback Expat Tax Services, explains that "Over the past several years, one of the key things we’ve discovered from conducting this survey is that most expats feel ignored by the US government. These survey results will be a resource for expat advocacy groups to further the interests of all Americans abroad."

The results of the 2019 survey were a particularly useful indication of dissatisfaction among overseas Americans, with 71% of US expats "disagreeing with the requirement to file US taxes while living abroad", 89% feeling that "the US government does not fairly represent them" and 49% saying that the "repeal of citizenship-based taxation is the best way to help relieve expats of the burden of lifelong taxation."

Outlining the aim of the survey, McKeegan said that "Our focus has always been to protect and promote the interests of Americans living overseas ... This survey will amplify the collective voices of 9 million Americans living abroad, making their needs known to leaders in the US."

With issues relating to FATCA, US Tax, the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown, and the 2020 Presidential Election, how is a great time to have your voice heard, and the Greenback Tax survey offers that opportunity. 2020 issues that Greenback are also expecting to be raised include "medical care, the economy, and travel restrictions are likely to be top concerns for Americans abroad. When the survey finishes in June, the results may provide insight into future political issues, including the 2020 presidential election."

Overseas Americans can fill out the 2020 survey until June 15, 2020 - with participants being put forward for a chance to win a $1000 Hotels.com gift card.

Click Here to Fill out the 2020 Survey. We'll cover the results on TheAmerican.co.uk, whilst you can also receive the results by signing up to the Greenback Tax Newsletter.

Greenback's expert CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents help expats working in the UK navigate complex tax requirements according to their unique needs. For more information, contact Greenback at info@greenbacktaxservices.com or greenbacktaxservices.com.


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