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Presidential Debate - High Viewership Expected, Here's How To Watch It

National poll finds 78% of Americans plan to watch the first debate

Published on September 29, 2020

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A new survey conducted by the Long Island University Steven S. Hornstein Center for Policy, Polling and Analysis, asked over 1,500 Americans from across the country for their views on the debate, policy and how they plan to vote.

The first debate takes place today (September 29) at 9pm Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time. In the UK, this is 2am BST (Sep. 30) and in Europe it's 3am CEST (Sep. 30). For details on how to watch from the UK or Europe go to www.theamerican.co.uk/pr/ne-How-To-Watch-First-US-Presidential-Debate-2020.

75% of survey respondents said they were following news about the candidates closely and 78% say they'll watch the first debate. 48% said they planned to vote for Joe Biden, 30% for Donald Trump, 10% declared themselves undecided and 5% said they would vote for another candidate.

When asked on what issues they'd be deciding their vote, the most mentioned topic was the economy (26%), followed by racial inequality (12%), health care (11%), the coronavirus pandemic (10%) and law and order (10%).

Most Americans, 73%, said their mind has been made up on who they're voting for, while 14% say they may change their mind, with 13% not sure.

Voting in person remains the method of choice for most Americans, with 47% planning to visit a polling station. 36% plan to mail in their ballot, with 17% unsure.




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