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Published on April 24, 2020

We hope you’re all well and safe.

Bored? - keep reading! We’ve an upcoming treat for you to lift your spirits and help you get through this.

We’re living in extraordinary times. Nothing has changed day-to-day life like the coronavirus crisis, at least since World War II. It’s affected how all of us live and work, and The American is no exception.

First, I want to assure you that the magazine is continuing, and will still bring you news, feature articles and advice for overseas Americans. We’ve been published continuously since 1976, and this isn’t going to stop us - although there won’t be restaurant and theater reviews for now! But other good stuff that we hope you’ll enjoy.

It’s taken a while for us all to find out a bit more about the virus – symptoms, its high infectiousness and how it transmits. With the way it hangs out on plastics and cardboard, we think in these unusual times we shouldn’t be sending out magazines in envelopes that could carry the germs into your home. Also many readers are currently away from their mailing address or pick up point.

Editor Michael Burland Editor Michael Burland

We ‘Zoomed’ our team, to see what we could do at this strange time. After the gossip and catchup, we all agreed that we want to reach out to as many people as possible, wherever they are, with the magazine – for free. Our little bit to lighten the lockdown.

So, the May-June is going to be a digital ‘flip-page’ magazine (you’ll have to imagine the gloss of the cover, and weight!) FREE to read online or download.

Getting the digital edition is easy. Join our newsletter list now (it’s free too!) and we’ll email you when the magazine is published with a link so you can read it straight away.

And for paying subscribers, don’t worry, we’ve frozen your subscription till we’re back to normal, and we’ll email you a link directly.

Wishing you well, and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Michael Burland, Editor


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