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	The Eagle at Madingley	Left: The Eagle at Madingley. Right: The Replacement Eagle atop the flag pole. Photo courtesy Cambridge American Cemetery

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US Eagle Returned to Madingley, Cambridge American Cemetery
A golden eagle taken 25 years ago was returned on July 4th
Published on July 9, 2018

25 years after it was taken from the grounds of the Cambridge American Cemetery in the UK, a golden American eagle has been returned. The Cemetery, located in Madingley, is a US War Cemetery in Britain - a permanent memorial to UK based American service personnel who died during the Second World War.

The eagle was originally taken from the top of the flag pole at Madingley in 1992. No suspects were found despite a police investigation at the time.

At 1am, GMT, on Thursday July 5th (technically still July 4th in the US), CCTV cameras outside the Madingley gates recorded footage of a man parking near the gates and placing the eagle alongside.

One groundskeeper at the Cemetery, who was working there when the eagle was taken, is said to have exclaimed - "That's our eagle!".

Although the eagle was replaced after its disappearance in '92, now that it has been returned, the Cemetery hopes to display its "re-landed" eagle very soon.

Discussing the appearance of the eagle, as quoted by the BBC, Administrator Tracey Haylock commented "Wherever he was stored, he was well looked after as he is still nice and shiny ... We've had a laugh that it would have still been Independence Day in America when it was brought back, but that's probably just a coincidence."


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