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Robert ‘Mousie’ Thompson Commemorative Plate presented to Babworth Church Robert ‘Mousie’ Thompson Commemorative Plate presented to Babworth Church

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Mayflower 400 Plate presented to Babworth Church
The church has been given a special ‘Mouse’ commemorative plate to mark its Mayflower links

Published on June 13, 2019

Babworth Church, known as the spiritual home to the Pilgrims who set sail on the Mayflower to America in 1620, has been presented a special commemorative plate ahead of next year's 400th anniversary of the ship's departure.

The wooden plate features a carved mouse in its center, a reference to the Church's famous mouse symbols. Yorkshireman Robert Thompson, born in 1876, carved the oakfittings in Babworth Church, leaving behind his trademark sculpted mouse on items he crafted. Ever since, the mouse has become a symbol of quality and dedication to craftmanship.

The Church's Mayflower links date back to the 1600s, when William Bradford of Austerfield and William Brewster of Scrooby visited to hear the Reverend Richard Clifton preach. When Clifton lost his livelihood at Babworth, he held secret meetings at Scrooby Manor, and the beginnings of the Separatist movement were born.

The commemorative plate, a bespoke object created by Robert Thompson's company, was commissioned by Bassetlaw District Council and Sally Outram, Director of Mayflower Pilgrims. It was presented to Reverend Cora Yarrien, of the Benefice of Idle and Sand, which includes Babworth Church.

Councillor Jo White, Deputy Leader of Bassetlaw District Council said; "We wanted to present this plate to Babworth as a symbol of our thanks to the Reverend and church wardens at All Saints Church who have gone out of their way to make visitors welcome ... We have seen a marked increase in Mayflower descendants, tour operators and journalists coming to this area as interest in the 2020 anniversary builds, and we appreciate that Babworth is first and foremost a much loved place of worship with a very loyal congregation. This gift is as much to Babworth’s parishioners as it is to Reverend Yarrien."


Babworth Mouse Plate

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