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Reports suggest NY-London Route is Still a November Possibility

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that US officials are continuing with efforts to re-open an air corridor between London and New York ahead of the holidays

Published on October 12, 2020

Plane above city street. Image Cropped. Photo by Alex Powell.

A Wall Street Journal report has raised the possibility that in spite of rising coronavirus numbers on both sides of the Atlantic, there could be an air corridor between London and New York in November which utilises extensive Covid-19 testing.

The possibility of an air corridor in time for the holidays has been mooted for some time, with the aim of quarantine free travel between London and New York becoming available in time for Thanksgiving. Although talk on a Transatlantic air corridor quietened, organizations including British American Business and airline associations on both sides of the pond have increased calls for more to be done to re-open travel between the US and the UK, citing US-UK trade and business as a vital means of economic recovery.

In the WSJ article, writers Andrew Tangel, Alison Sider and Michelle Hackman report that the "growing availability of Covid-19 tests in the US has prompted officials at the Transportation Department, Department of Homeland Security and other agencies to revive efforts to establish safe travel" between New York and London.

The speculation follows the introduction of a task force in the UK to consider how Covid-19 testing could help to allow more travelers to take international flights.

As always, it's a case of wait and see, because with regulations changing regularly, and the UK introducing its own new three tier lockdown system from today to tackle local outbreaks of the virus, uncertainty remains.

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