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US Covid Memorial Launches

The memorial enables Americans to submit eulogies, photos and to pay tribute to victims of Covid-19

Published on October 21, 2020

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A national memorial has been launched in the United States which aims to collect names, biographies and photographs of all victims of Covid-19.

The memorial is starting out as a virtual commemoration, which offers families and friends the chance to upload, catalogue and share experiences, stories and memories of those who have lost their battle with coronavirus. The end goal of the project is to create a physical memorial which includes narratives shared via the virtual platform.

The founders of the project are Todd and Penelope Hulbert, who began work on the memorial in July. Todd explained that "Every day, the number of victims go up. They were just statistics; however, these are real people and grieving families. They had limited ways to share or memorialize their life or put a name and face to that statistic, which is part in the healing process. There are several localized media and community organizations collecting stories, but no sincere attempt to consolidate them all into one place until now."

Mr Hulbert added that "There is so much work to do but most importantly we need to get the word out everywhere. The need to gather the stories, hire staff, upgrade the website, do national media campaigns, track down the victim's families, develop networks with media and organizations, search obituaries, and form a non-profit are just a few of the tasks. This is being funded by a grassroots movement and we need immediate financial support from the public to continue our work."

The memorial could become particularly meaningful for overseas Americans who have lost their lives while outside of the US.

If you'd like to submit stories or details about a loved one, you can do so by going to www.uscovidmemorial.com, or by e-mailing support@USCovidMemorial.com.




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