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Step Into Energy Launch A Transatlantic Team Effort at the launch of Step Into Energy including Ed Parker (co-founder & CEO of Walking with the Wounded) – 1st left, and Steph Drake (Executive Director of NextOp Veterans) – middle.

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New Transatlantic Employment Programme for Veterans Announced

Walking with the Wounded and NextOp launch a new campaign to support Veterans with employment in the Energy Sector

Published on November 1, 2019

A Transatlantic team assembled in London today to launch a new scheme to support US and UK veterans, encouraging employment opportunities for them in the Energy Sector. The campaign, which is called 'Step Into Energy', is an international programme aimed at working with companies in the energy sector to offer opportunities for veterans on both sides of the Atlantic to transition into employment in the industry.

Step Into Energy is being spearheaded by two key organizations for US and UK veterans; Walking with the Wounded and NextOp Veterans. It's also being supported by the Royal Foundation and NFL team the Houston Texans, who will be competing against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium in this weekend's final game in the 2019 International NFL Series in London.

With the campaign formally launched, Step Into Energy is challenging energy companies to demonstrate their support for the veteran community by offering employment opportunities. Those companies that become involved in the project will be recognized for their work.

Underlining the importance of the campaign, Steph Drake, Executive Director of NextOp Veterans, said "Step Into Energy offers us the opportunity to engage and collaborate with energy companies to highlight the talent being developed in the military. Careers in energy are a natural fit for the skill sets our talented veterans honed serving our nation. What better bridge to build than that between the veteran talent pool and energy companies. Through Step Into Energy we look forward to placing the next generation of veteran business leaders in promising careers."

Ed Parker, CEO of Walking with the Wounded, highlighted how the campaign aims to support veterans in the US and UK, saying "No employment pathway currently exists between the military and the energy sector, yet the energy sector in both the UK and the US is one of the largest employers. Working with partners who understand the true value of veterans and the transferable skills they offer, our goal is for Step Into Energy to provide an international network accessible to all veterans."

David Wiseman, who is Head of Programmes for Supporting Those Who Serve at The Royal Foundation, explained that "We are really pleased that the range of opportunities available to service leavers and veterans continues to grow under the Step Into Employment banner. This programme will support men and women transitioning out of the armed forces – a period of time that can be tumultuous for many – and enables our amazing service personnel to not only become great veterans, but also productive and valuable citizens."

Congratulations to all those involved in this innovative, intelligent and inspirational campaign. It's important to continue supporting those on both sides of the Atlantic who have served their nation with pride and honor, and this project will do just that.

For more information, check out the websites for Walking with the Wounded and NextOp Veteran.


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