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US Airmen visit local UK School US Air Force Airmen from RAF Mildenhall answer questions from children during a visit to Beck Row Primary Academy, Suffolk, England, March 29, 2019. US Air Force photo by Karen Abeyasekere

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US Airmen visit local UK School
Service Personnel shared American/British differences with students

Published on April 2, 2019

US Air Force Airmen from RAF Mildenhall visited a local school last week. During the visit to Beck Row Primary Academy, Suffolk, on March 29th, the Airmen gave a presentation discussing differences between the US and the UK, covering topics as diverse as animals, national parks, the US President and the Queen. They also answered questions from the students, who have been learning about the United States during their class. In a great initiative to help offer a better insight for UK students into life and culture in the US, these kind of efforts emphasize an important way of helping to keep the Special Relationship secure for future generations. Well done to the Airmen at RAF Mildenhall, and to the UK students learning more about the United States!


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