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Santa At Home To Spread Covid-Secure Holiday Cheer

A new service is offering the chance for kids around the world to speak to Santa via Zoom from the safety of their homes ahead of the Holidays

Published on November 19, 2020

Santa at Home Santa getting ready to Zoom down your chimney!

The 2020 holidays are shaping up to be a largely digital affair, but not deterred by the challenges, one man remains ready to bring a bit of festive cheer to children around the world. That man, of course, is Santa, who this year will be 'Zooming' down chimneys to wish families a Merry Christmas.

The 'Santa at Home' project is being organised by Underbelly, in an "exclusive" partnership with Mr and Mrs Claus of Reindeer Road, North Pole. Wherever you are in the world, you can sign up for your family to receive a personalized call from the man in red. Up to 6 children can participate in a call, while unlimited adults can also join in the festive fun.

Discussing the joint-venture, Mr Claus said that "I've been elf-isolating for hundreds of years and absolutely nothing is going to stop me from zooming down your chimney on Christmas Eve - I am a key worker after all! I'm also really excited to be able to meet all you wonderful children via the tippedy-tap computers, tablets and other gadgets this year. My new online grotto will allow me to meet up to six children at any one time and all the people you most care about can join in the magic as well."

Ed Bartlam and Charlie Wood, Directors of Underbelly, added that "Christmas is all about family and we wanted to make it possible for families to gather together to share in a special festive moment. With so many of us experiencing difficult times and maybe facing a lonelier Christmas this year, we are very pleased and honoured to partner with Santa Claus to offer Santa at Home Official to families and friends all over the world."

Santa at Home is also teaming up with two important charities, the Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Brain Tumour Charity, to help raise funds for their invaluable causes.

The American can also confirm that Santa is indeed Scottish, as you can glean from this video promoting Santa at Home!

For more details on booking a call for your family with Santa, check out www.santaathomeofficial.com.




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