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BBC Ends Free TV Licences For Over 75s From August 2020

From August 2020, Americans living in the UK who are aged 75 or over will need to pay for a TV licence if they want to watch BBC channels and programming

Published on July 30, 2020

From August 1st, residents in the UK aged 75 or over will no longer be eligible for a free TV licence. In the UK, you need a TV licence to legally watch BBC channels and programming. Since 2001, there has been a provision in place to allow those aged 75 or over to receive a TV licence free of charge. However, from August 1, 2020, this provision will be replaced.

Under the new rules, residents of the UK aged 75 or over will need to pay for a TV licence, unless they are eligible to receive a free licence in specific circumstances, for example if they also receive Pension Credit. For 2020/2021, the cost of a TV licence is £157.50.

Even if you also pay for a satelite or cable tv service, if you watch the BBC - either via your television or online via BBC iPlayer - you'll need to now purchase a TV licence.

For those already resident in the UK and current holders of a free licence, the BBC say they will send a letter during August with information on what to do next. If you're an American over the age of 75 planning to move to the UK, this could be an extra expense to consider when arriving.

You don't need to buy a TV licence if you don't watch the BBC, although it's best to read the full rules and regulations to understand what is and isn't permitted.

For more details on the BBC's notice about licence fees for 75 year olds, go to www.bbc.com


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