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Your Tax Queries Wanted - The American Talks with Bright!Tax
Ask your US Tax questions to CPA Katelynn Minott

Published on May 22, 2019

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US Citizens residing overseas are granted an automatic extension for their US Tax deadline to June 15. Ahead of the big day, we've launched a new way for Americans in the UK which will help them to keep up to date with all aspects of being an American living in the UK. Introducing ... The American Talks!

In our inaugural edition, we will soon be recording a podcast with CPA and US Tax Expert Katelynn Minott, who works with Transatlantic tax firm specialists Bright!Tax. Discussing the upcoming podcast, Katelynn said "I'm thrilled to be appearing in the first The American Talks podcast, talking to Michael [Burland - editor] and answering questions from listeners on the thorny but important topic of US expat tax matters".

Ahead of the recording, we'd like to invite Americans in the UK affected by US Tax issues to contact us with their questions - we'll put some of them forward to Katelynn. So if you have a particular question about your tax return that you'd like to ask, or you'd appreciate an answer from a CPA about a problem you're having with the tax process, just send your question to editor@theamerican.co.uk with American Talks Tax Question in the subject line.

Katelynn Minott Katelynn Minott, CPA, of Bright!Tax

Along with your question, please include your name (first name only if preferred) and country of residence as part of the content of your e-mail. You can send questions by 5pm (BST) in the UK, on Friday May 24. Questions sent after this time may not be part of the podcast.

Keep an eye on The American's website for details on when the podcast will be available, and do check us out on social media (Twitter: @TheAmericanMag or Facebook: @TheAmericanCommunity.)

About Katelynn Minott

Katelynn Minott is among the world's leading experts on US taxes for expats. Originally from Boston, Katelynn is an expat herself, having relocated to Chile around 10 years ago. She is Lead CPA and Partner at Bright!Tax, the expat tax services specialist, which she joined after a tenure at PwC. She has appeared in numerous media outlets commenting on US expat tax matters, including CNBC and the financial news service Cheddar.com.


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