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The Bryson Line Walkers Reach Bognor Regis The Bryson Line Walkers Reach Bognor Regis. All Photos: Charles Sturge

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Mission Accomplished: The Bryson Line Walkers Reach Bognor Regis
From Coast to Coast, The Bryson Line walkers finish their 569 mile trek down the length of Britain for charity
Published on July 10, 2018

They made it! Having set off from Cape Wrath, Scotland, on June 9th - 30 days and 569 miles later, on July 8th, The Bryson Line walkers arrived in Bognor Regis on the English South Coast to complete their epic Coast to Coast trek in aid of charity.

From our first coverage of The Bryson Line walk, it was evident that this particular charitable escapade was achieving something special and unique. Americans and Brits joining together to walk across the United Kingdom, this was a story that captured the essence of the Special Relationship. It also had the great back story of being inspired by Anglo-American writer Bill Bryson, who was in attendance as the team made their way across the Bognor Regis promenade.

During the early stages of the walk, one of the three core walkers, Alex Eichhorn, gave us an insight into exactly how the walk came about, and what it meant to be involved. Along with Alex, the other core walkers were Kate Hedges and Roger Saller - two spirited Americans who wanted to give back to the UK. They were accompanied by fellow members of the Tanager Wealth Management team, friends, family and supporters of the cause.

The 569 miles coincided with some extraordinary British weather. Storm Hector in Scotland saw the walkers challenging torrential rain and heavy winds. England then experienced some of the hottest Summer conditions across that the country has seen. Just ask our writer, Daniel, who said that his 20 mile stint on the Line opened his eyes to what an incredible achievement The Bryson Line was.

The Bryson Line Walkers aimed to raise £100,000 for their 5 UK based charities - Bloodwise, the CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England), Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charities and the Papworth Hospital Charity. Before and during their epic walk, they've ended up raising more than £122,000! There's even still more time for you to donate, via The Bryson Line website, to make sure that as much money is raised as possible for 5 important UK charities, and to celebrate the wonderful achievement and work of those involved in The Bryson Line.

Below you'll see some of the pictures from the finish line in Bognor Regis, where the team were cheered in by the Mayor of Bognor Regis, the Town Crier and many well wishers.

Congratulations to the whole team, and all those involved, on an amazing job.

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The Bryson Line
Alex Eichhorn

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The Bryson Line
The Bryson Line team at Bognor Regis

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The Bryson Line
Bill Bryson, who's book The Road to Little Dribbling inspired The Bryson Line, meets a fan

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The Bryson Line
L to R: Town Crier, Bill Bryson, Eric Scoones, Alex Eichhorn, Jeff Hedges, Roger Saller, Kate Hedges, Bognor Regis Mayor

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The Bryson Line
The Superheroes of The Bryson Line on Bognor Regis Pier

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The Bryson Line
Roger Saller (right) navigated the tricky terrain of Britain for the walkers

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The Bryson Line
Jeff Hedges makes a speech after the walkers reached Bognor Regis

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The Bryson Line
The three core walkers of The Bryson Line, Roger Saller, Alex Eichhorn and Kate Hedges in good spirits

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The Bryson Line
Bill Bryson's name will forever be attached to a wonderful example of The Special Relationship

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The Bryson Line
Walking Together


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