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Tony Foulds Tony Foulds (left) with BBC Breakfast hosts on Feb 22, 2019, the day of the Flypast. Photo courtesy Sheffield Council, by Ian Spooner

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Tony Foulds Receives US Honor for Mi Amigo Dedication
After last week’s unforgettable USAF Flypast, Tony has received recognition from the US

Published on February 26, 2019

Last Friday's US Air Force Flypast over Sheffield and the Cambridge American Cemetery touched the hearts of many, and brought two countries together in remembrance of the 10 US Airmen of the Mi Amigo who sacrificed their lives to save a group of children who were playing in Sheffield's Endcliffe Park 75 years ago in 1944. One of those children, Tony Foulds, has been at the core of this story - his life-long commitment to those men of the Mi Amigo acting as a catalyst for last weekend's unforgettable commemorations.

Last week on Friday, it was also confirmed that Tony has now received a formal honor from the State of Missouri. A proclamation was presented by Missouri Governor Mike Parson to Kim Darroch, the UK's Ambassador to the US, recognizing Tony's devotion to memorializing the Mi Amigo 10.

The pilot of the Mi Amigo, John G. Kriegshauser, was from St Louis Missouri, and Lt Kriegshauser's nephew was among those to cross the pond for last Friday's Flypast and memorial service.

The proclamation (in full below) recognizes Tony for "his profound devotion to remembering and commemorating the Mi Amigo crew" and says that "Today, the people of Missouri say 'thank you' for so many decades of honoring noble service and fostering a spirit of cooperation among peoples and nations."

Highlighting that cooperation, upon announcing the proclamation, Governor Parson said that "Actions like Tony’s help strengthen the Special Relationship between the United States and United Kingdom".

In the mean time, more campaigning by BBC Journalist Dan Walker and others on Twitter are seeking a UK honor for Tony. This moving story keeps on moving!

Tony Foulds Proclamation

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