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Transatlantic Music at Mayflower 400 Virtual Church Recital

Two Mayflower inspired works, one by an American composer and one by a Brit, will be performed at a special virtual church recital October 12

Published on October 1, 2020

Organ Keys

A virtual church recital with a Transatlantic flavor is taking place on October 12 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower.

During the recital, which will be broadcast via YouTube, music from an American and a British composer will be played, both with connections to the Mayflower story. Plymouth Soundings is composed by Carson Cooman, an organist-composer in the Memorial Church at Harvard University, just up the coast from Plymouth, Massachusetts. Four Mayflower Portraits is composed by Clive Jenkins, who was born in Plymouth, Devon, and has created his work specifically for the Mayflower 400 commemorations.

Clive's work, Four Mayflower Portraits, is based on four individuals from the Mayflower history; Myles Standish, Peregrine White, Priscilla Mullins and John Howland. Carson's piece, Plymouth Soundings, is a "free fantasy on motives from psalm tunes found in the Ainsworth Psalter". The psalter, published in Amsterdam in 1612, was brought along by the Mayflower passengers.

Clive and Carson's collaboration actually began when Carson was in London, and bought an old composition of Clive's from a second hand shop. Carson liked the piece and had it later republished in the US. Clive then suggested Carson should write a piece based on the Mayflower, which was later published in the UK.

The event will feature more than just music, with a real 'church recital' feel. Organisers have arranged a Zoom meeting before the YouTube coverage, where audience members can enter just as they might do at an actual recital, greeting each other and the recitalist for this event, Ian.

The virtual church opens via Zoom at 12:45pm on Monday, October 12, with a discussion at 1pm about the programme. Coverage via YouTube then begins at 1:15pm.

For full details on the recital, including how to register and attend, go to www.mayflower400uk.org/news/2020/october/listen-to-special-mayflower-400-music-performances-in-a-virtual-church.




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