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UK Gov issues updated advice on US visitors renting in the UK

The advice for landlords explains updated right to rent checks for Americans who are in the UK for less than 6 months

Published on July 24, 2019

The UK Government has issued updated advice which affects Americans who are visiting the UK and planning to rent property for 6 months or less.

Although the advice is specifically for Landlords, it's useful to know in the event that you are a visiting American and your prospective Landlord is unsure about your right to rent. This update relates to changes that have occured since US Passport holders have been able to enter the UK using ePassport Gates at airports, ports and at the Channel Tunnel.

The update explains that:

"Since 20 May 2019, the majority of individuals from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the USA (known as B5JSSK nationals) have been ableto use the eGates at UK airports, sea ports and Brussels and Paris Eurostar terminals, to enter the UK. Those individuals wishing to do so must hold a biometric passport. Those individuals not in possession of a biometric passport will be processed by a Border Force Officer at the manned passport control point. They will not have their passports endorsed with a stamp, instead individuals will be informed of their leave and its associated conditions orally by a Border Force Officer."

"Those entering the UK as a visitor or business visitor will be granted automatic leave to enter for a maximum period of up to six months. Those coming to live in the UK for more than six months will have a visa in their passport and will collect their biometric residence permit post arrival, providing them with a means of evidencing their status in the UK."

"Where B5JSSK nationals are entering the UK as a visitor for a period of six months or less, they will have the right to rent a property for the duration of their lawful stay. When entering the UK their passport will not be endorsed by Border Force. This means that those entering as visitors will not have a current document enabling them to satisfy a right check conducted by a landlord or lettings agent in the manner set out in the Code of Practice. If they wish to rent accommodation in the private rented sector as their only or main home, a landlord will be able to establish the individual’s right to rent status by checking their passport together with evidence of the date they last travelled to or entered the UK."

If you, as an American visitor to the UK seeking to rent for less than 6 months, encounter the difficulties explained above with your prospective Landlord or Letting Agency, advise them to check out the updated guidance from the UK Home Office on confirming your right to rent.


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