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UK and US Mergers and Acquisitions “Thriving”

According to Bloomberg Law Analysis, US and UK interactions continue in spite of Brexit

Published on August 1, 2019

Bloomberg Law Legal Analyst Grace Maral Burnett has posted an eye opening report which highlights the "resilience" of US and UK businesses in the face of Brexit uncertainty.

The report, posted on July 29 - the same day that new UK Trade Secretary Liz Truss had her first official engagement in a symbolic meeting with US Ambassador Woody Johnson - notes that "While Britain’s decision to leave the European Union may have created uncertainty and pessimism in other quarters, its effect on M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) with the US seems to be restrained."

Highlighting recent trends in the past decade, and particularly looking at statistics before and after the 2016 Brexit Referendum, the report underlines "M&A going in both directions has achieved record volumes since the UK's June 23, 2016 referendum". The report also points out that when looking at mega deals exceeding $10bn or greater, "It is remarkable that all three UK-to-US mega deals of the last decade were announced between 2016 and 2018." - after the Brexit referendum results were announced. The findings indicate that US-UK trade talks aren't simply speculactive, and that the positivity and longstanding history of the Special Relationship could be a major asset for the UK in the days leading up to the October 31st Brexit deadline.

You can read the report in full by checking out Bloomberg Law's website, just go to https://news.bloomberglaw.com/bloomberg-law-analysis/analysis-brexit-looms-but-u-k-u-s-m-a-is-thriving.


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