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Americans and Brits Ready to Donate for Climate Change

Surveys show strong support among US and UK citizens to donate part of their income toward tackling climate change

Published on September 25, 2020

Climate Change Protest Photo: Markus Spiske

Consumer research studies conducted by Nexans in America and the UK have shown that people on both sides of the Atlantic are willing to donate part of their income in the fight against climate change.

The research found that over two-thirds (70%) of Americans surveyed "indicate their willingness to give or donate a percentage of their personal income to support the fight against climate change." 28% indicated they would be willing to share less than 1% of their income, whilst 33% declared themselves willing to share between 1% and 5% of their income for the climate change cause. 6% of respondents said they'd be open to giving between 6% to 10%, whilst 3% said they would contribute more than 10% of their income.

The US surveys followed similar research conducted by Nexans in the UK and France. When people in the UK were asked a similar question, 65.8% of Brits said they'd be open to donating part of their salary to support climate change initiatives. 29% of UK respondents also said that "combating climate change has become more of a priority in light of the coronavirus pandemic." By comparison, in the US, 31% indicated that climate change is more of a priority since the pandemic.

The US survey also monitored other responses from Americans to climate change related topics. For example, the survey found that "44% are dissatisfied with the job that federal and state governments are doing to address climate change, 35% are somewhat satisfied and 21% are either very satisfied or completed satisfied with government's role."

The full results from the surveys in the US, UK and France can be found at www.nexans.com.




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