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Webinar on US/UK Business Post-Brexit

US Commercial Service to host free webinar on US/UK Business post-Brexit on September 9

Published on September 3, 2020

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The US Commercial Service is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday September 9, which will focus on how Brexit will affect US-UK business. The webinar, titled "What does Brexit hold for US Companies in 2021?", will take place at 12pm EST, and will be delivered via Webex.

The event will review a range of subjects including the current state of play, and what may happen after December 31, 2020, when the UK-EU Transition period is due to end. Experts will discuss topics such as travel and immigration, cross border trade (between the US and UK, and the UK and EU), and updates on potential changes to regulation. More specific discussions will focus on supply chains, and the mechanics of moving goods from the US to the UK, and through the EU to the UK.

A range of expert speakers will be involved in the webinar. Among those who will be speaking are:

Greg Kalbaugh - the Deputy Under Secretary for Policy, International Trade Administration at the US Department of Commerce, Washington DC

Jim Lindley - Commercial Counselor, US Department of Commerce at the US Embassy, London

Graham Zebedee - Director of Continuity, Wider Europe Negotiations and Development at the Department for International Trade

Joseph Bondatti - Assistant Director for Goods Policy, Border Readiness Directorate at UK Border Force

Julian Walker - Chief Operating Officer at Associated British Ports

Trevor Hoyle - Senior Vice President for Ground Operations Europe, FedEx

The webinar is on September 9, at 12pm EST. To register Click Here, or go to the US Embassy London page for further details.




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