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US Embassy London US Embassy in Nine Elms, London. Photo courtesy US Embassy London.

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US Embassy Cancels Appointments, Reduces Contact

Due to reduced staffing, the US Embassy is cancelling appointments and unable to answer as many contact form questions

Published on March 19, 2020

The US Embassy in London has warned that due to reduced staffing, various services that the Embassy offers, including the capacity to respond to written Contact Form questions, are being reduced.

A message published on the Embassy's website explains that "Due to reduced staffing, we will be unable to reply to any questions submitted through our contact forms if they are answered here" - the latter part of this statement refers to a recently published web page which contains extensive information on the situation in light of Coronavirus related regulations.

The information, provided by the Consular Affairs Department, offers answers to a range of questions relating to travel, appointments at the Embassy and other issues raised by the outbreak of COVID-19. These questions include details on who can currently travel to the United States, how in person appointments at the Embassy are being handled, and how the US is responding to existing Visas and existing Visa applications.

It's advised that you look through the US Embassy website's extensive information and Frequently Asked Questions articles before contacting the Embassy, as fewer staff means that they will be unable to respond to questions where the answer is already available online. Below, we've compiled some links to articles on the Embassy website which we hope will answer most questions:

Visa Questions relating to COVID-19 Outbreak
Non Immigrant Visa FAQs
Immigrant Visa FAQs
COVID-19 Resources and Links


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