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US Embassy London US Embassy in Nine Elms, London. Photo courtesy US Embassy London.

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How is the US Embassy in London affected by the 2019 Shutdown?
Update on services available at the American Embassy during the Government Shutdown

Published on 15 January, 2019

As the Federal Government Shutdown in the United States continues, Americans in the UK will be pleased to note that a number of important services at the US Embassy in London are continuing to operate.

An Embassy Spokesman advised that: "The consular section, which includes American Citizen Services is fully operational. In addition, the Embassy has excepted staff from the furlough who are on hand to ensure the embassy can address matters involving the safety of human life, the protection of property, or an issue essential to national security, including the conduct of foreign affairs essential to national security."

A notice on the US Embassy's UK website currently notes that "Due to a lapse in appropriations, website updates will be limited until full operations resume." Given the circumstances, there may be some delay in responses - please don't give them a hard time, they're doing their best under difficult circumstances.

The current shutdown became the longest in US history on January 21, 2019, surpassing the previous 21-day shutdown of 1995-1996. With no clear sign of a conclusion, keep an eye on The American's website, our e-mail newsletter and social media (Twitter: @TheAmericanMag) - we will publish updates as and when issued by the US Embassy in London.


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