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Special Relationship Increasingly Important to Americans

A recent poll on behalf of the Association of Marshall Scholars highlights the continued strength of US-UK relations

Published on October 29, 2019

A poll commissioned by the Association of Marshall Scholars has found that the Special Relationship between the US and the UK is alive and well, and looks to be strengthening. The poll, undertaken by Emerson Polling, was conducted between October 24 and 26, less than a week before the UK was expected to leave the European Union.

Although the UK's exit from the EU is now set to be extended, 62% of survey respondents think that the US should "develop a special trade relationship with the UK once that happens", with 13% saying the US should not. When asked if they were in favor of Brexit, 29% said yes, 37% said no, whilst 34% said they didn't know or had no opinion. When asked about the state of Transatlantic relations in terms of economic ties, security and defense, diplomatic and political ties as well as cultural ties, "In all four areas, the general sentiment was the US/UK alliance would be stronger upon exiting the European Union". Interestingly, 53% felt that the cultural ties between the UK and US would stay the same once the UK left the EU, indicating the existing strength of the cultural connection between the two nations.

On the Special Relationship more generally, 56% of respondents said that the US-UK relationship is more important than it was 5 years ago, whilst 20% said it was less important. Looking more closely at the data, Emerson Polling explain that "All age categories found the US-UK relationship to be more important than it was five years ago".

Discussing the results, Dr. Nell Breyer, Executive Director of the Association of Marshall Scholars, said "The transatlantic alliance appears to be increasingly important in the eyes of the American public ... Despite a period of deep uncertainty for the British public, Americans voice strong support for continuing to advance economic and strategic ties between the United States and the United Kingdom."

Emerson College Pollster and Assistant Professor, Spencer Kimball, went on to say that "It appears that, at least from the American perspective, a very special relationship still exists between the UK and the US. That is demonstrated in the unusually high consensus around the issue".

The full results of the survey can be found via the Emerson Polling website, whilst more information on the Association of Marshall Scholars can be found via www.marshallscholars.org.


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