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US is the Second Most Popular destination for UK Xmas Cards

According to a survey by Royal Mail, Australia is the top destination for UK Xmas cards, with America in a close second

Published on December 1, 2020

Royal Mail Christmas Cards Photo courtesy Royal Mail

The US narrowly missed out on the top spot in a survey to find out where most Britons send their Christmas cards internationally.

The survey, conducted by Royal Mail, found that 40% of Britons will send Christmas cards overseas this year, with more than one in ten (12%) sending more cards internationally than usual as a result of the pandemic lockdown.

32% of respondents to the survey said they would be sending a Christmas card to Australia, while 30% said they would send a card to the US. Canada was in third place, with 16%, followed by Spain (12%), New Zealand (11%), France (11%) and the Republic of Ireland (10%).

When asked about their relationship with the card's recipient, 53% of those sending cards abroad said they'd be sending cards to friends, 19% said to cousins, and 17% to siblings. 8% of respondents said they'd be sending a card to a colleague working overseas, while the research also found that 1% said they'd be sending a card to a pet based abroad.

Discussing the findings, Mark Street, Head of Campaigns at Royal Mail, said that "This year, perhaps more than ever, it is vital to let loved ones know that they are in your thoughts. Christmas cards are an iconic symbol of the festive season and a great way of showing absent friends and family that you care. And once they are up on the mantel piece, they are a wonderful way to ensure that your love for them is not forgotten. Put simply, sometimes a letter or card is better."

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