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Senator James Lankford Senator James Lankford. © US Senate

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US Senator concerned that poor Brexit deal could lock out USA
Senator James Lankford spoke on Bloomberg about a potential US-UK Free Trade agreement post-Brexit

Published on March 5, 2019

Senator Lankford speaking on Bloomberg TV about Brexit and a potential US-UK Trade Agreement

US Senator James Lankford (R-OK) has expressed concern that a Brexit deal between the UK and European Union could be signed that "locks out" the United States from a future UK-US Free Trade Agreement.

Speaking on Bloomberg, Senator Lankford commented that "The UK is a great ally ... what we cannot have is the UK and Europe forms a Brexit deal that locks out every other country in the world including the United States from doing a future trade deal. There has been a tremendous amount of pressure for those in the British parliament to be able to sign a deal that locks them out of a trade negotiation long term with the United States. We want to be able to negotiate on our aerospace, defense products, on our agriculture."

Senator Lankford also commented on the controversy surrounding chlorinated chicken which has been raised in the UK press when discussing a US-UK trade agreement. He said that "We think we can work through the issues like chlorinated chicken and other things that have been an issue to those in the UK. Those are all achievable things that we can do if we can have a trade agreement with them."

Stressing the importance of a trade agreement, he finished by saying that the UK is a "long standing ally and a friend, we've worked together for a very long time on a lot of issues, we'd like to work together on a trade agreement and we hope that there's not a Brexit deal signed that locks out the United States long term."

Senator Lankford's comments coincide with our publication of a series of comments and thoughts from a range of organizations, experts and correspondents on how Brexit could affect Americans in the UK and Transatlantic trade. Check out www.theamerican.co.uk/pr/pol-Brexit-For-Americans.


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