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US and UK Militaries Launch International Space Pitch Day

The first of its kind international collaboration invites innovation and technology in the space sector

Published on July 23, 2020

The UK and US miitaries have launched a new project titled International Space Pitch Day, which is designed to boost support for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and tech start-ups, and invest in innovative and entrepeneurial ideas in the growing space industry.

The project will be a competition, in which organizations will receive specialist training and mentoring in the hope of securing a place on stage at the first International Space Pitch Day in front of senior military leaders from the UK, US and NATO. The organizationsthat make it to the Space Pitch Day will receive a $66,000 (£53,000) contract to help speed up the development of their work.

Noting the importance of the US-UK element of the collaboration, Britain's Director Space Air Vice-Marshal Harv Smyth said "International Space Pitch Day is a world-leading joint initiative by the closest of allies and we are excited by the huge opportunities this could bring to our respective nations, our alliances, and our space and tech industries. This is all about fast-tracking innovation and cutting-edge technology to the front line quicker than ever before, and fresh ways of working with industry to make sure we stay ahead of our shared adversaries and the threats they pose. I look forward to judging the finalists at the Defence Space Conference in November."

The coalition involved in the project includes Royal Air Force, UK Strategic Command, the US Air Force, US Space Force, and NATO.

Further details on the project can be found at www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-and-us-militaries-launch-800k-international-space-pitch-day


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