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Young Americans Encouraged to Vote

Bipartisan group Up To Us has introduced a new resource with information and inspiration to help young Americans to vote

Published on September 26, 2020

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Young Americans are being encouraged to have their voices heard, as bipartisan group Up To Us launches new information on the 2020 elections aimed at educating and empower young American voters.

Up To Us describes itself as "a national, nonpartisan campus-based initiative that galvanizes young people to become more civically engaged through conversations around the nation's fiscal and economic challenges". The organization's newly launched 2020 Election Information Hub contains resources and guides on a range of issues for young Americans, including how their vote can make a difference to their fiscal future, how they can check their vote status, and how they can vote in time for November 3rd.

Up To Us was launched in 2012 by the Peter G Peterson Foundation, in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative University and Net Impact. Peter Lupoff, CEO of Net Impact, said that "The new Election 2020 Information Hub will empower this network to further their commitment to civic engagement by voting and encouraging their peers to do the same. An informed voter is an empowered voter. It's up to all of us to take control of our fiscal future by heading to the polls and voting for the changes, policies and people that align with our own values."

As well as detailed information on a range of election related subjects the Hub has a 'Get Heard Guide', which provides templates for young Americans to use to contact their elected officials and have their voices heard on issues that matter to them. Young people are also being asked to use the hasthag #VoteReady or to sign up as a Up To Us Election Advocate, to help spread awareness of the importance of young Americans taking part in elections.

More information can be found at the Up To Us 2020 Election Information Hub




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