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Vice Presidential Debate 2020: How to Watch

Tonight, Wednesday October 7, Vice Presidential Candidates Kamala Harris and Mike Pence take part in the VP Debate. Find out how to watch it in the UK, USA or Europe

Published on October 7, 2020

VP Debate 2020

The 2nd Debate of the US Presidential 2020 elections takes place tonight, Wednesday October 7, and this time it's the turn of the Vice Presidential Candidates, incumbent Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Kamala Harris.


The debate is due to start at 9pm EST, and run until 10:30pm EST. This means the event begins at 2am BST on Thursday October 8, and in Europe at 3am CEST.


The debate is taking place in Salt Lake City, in the Kingsbury Hall at the University of Utah.


The debate will be attended by both VP candidates, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, and will be moderated by Susan Page of USA Today.

How to Watch


If you're in the United States, all the major US networks will be carrying the debate, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.

In the UK, the debates will be broadcast by BBC News Channel, CNN (Virgin Channel 607 / Sky Channel 878 or 506), and Bloomberg TV (Virgin Channel 609 / Sky Channel 502 / Freesat Channel 208).


Most of the major US networks will also be streaming the debate via their apps and online platforms. If you're in the UK, CNN is free to view without a log in from edition.cnn.com/specials/live-cnni-uk.

You can also choose from several networks who are scheduled to stream the debate on YouTube, including C-SPAN, NBC News, and ABC News.

President Trump and former Vice President Biden are scheduled to take part in a second Presidential Debate on October 15, which at this stage is subject to confirmation due to the President's positive Covid-19 test.




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