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The Bryson Line 2020

Americans and Brits Support NHS with Virtual Walk

The 2020 version of the Bryson Line will be taking place virtually, whilst raising funds for the NHS

Published on May 11, 2020
Take Part, Support or Donate at www.thebrysonline.com/

The annual Bryson Line Charitable Walk is going virtual this year in support of the NHS during the Coronavirus pandemic. The walk, launched in 2018, takes its inspiration from Bill Bryson's book The Road to Little Dribbling, which marks out a 569 mile route from Cape Wrath in Scotland to Bognor Regis in England. What makes the walk extra special is that like Bryson, many of those who organize the walk and take part are themselves Americans in the UK, and Brits who support Americans who live overseas.

In the face of the lockdown, the idea was sparked that this year's edition could be virtual, bringing everyone together to support front line workers of the NHS. During a call whilst on the virtual Bryson Line, one of the organizers, Kate Hedges, told us that they want the walk to be inclusive at a time when, due to the lockdown, walking together isn't possible. Mentioning her fellow organizer Eric Scoones, who is a heart-transplant recipient and is therefore staying at home to avoid the risk of COVID-19, she pointed out that the virtual walk allows all of us to get involved wherever we are.

The walk, which follows the same 569 miles of the actual Bryson Line, will involve participants sending in their mileage to the Bryson Line website, to be added to the total. The walker with the highest number of miles over the 30 days of the walk, taking place between May 9 and June 6, will win a special prize - a pub lunch with Bill Bryson himself once the lockdown is lifted!

Here's how you can get involved:

1. You take a walk - whether in your house, garden or the countryside – adhering to government guidance
2. Keep track of your miles.
3. Go to the www.thebrysonline.com and send your mileage.

The Anglo-American Charity, an organization which supports Transatlantic donations, will be contributing £5 to the NHS Charities Together fund for each of the 569 miles walked, and if you can make a donation to add to the total, please do by going to https://www.gofundme.com/f/tvxd3-a-cause-i-care-about-needs-help.

You can also share pictures of your walk through Social Media, interacting with The Byrson Line via Twitter: @TheBrysonLine, Facebook: /thebrysonline and Instagram: BrysonLineNHS.

As The Bryson Line Team say: 'This year, we may be walking alone, but we’re all in this together.'


Bryson Line Walkers 2018 Walkers Crossing the Finish of The Bryson Line 2018. Photo: Charles Sturge

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