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Wembley Stallions Wembley Stallions in action. Photo © www.nearthecoast.com/gridironuk

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Wembley Stallions Capitalize on NFL Success

The American Football team in London are inviting Americans in the UK to get involved

Published on November 18, 2019

With the NFL London games proving a hit again in 2019, it’s great news for fans of American Football in the UK that there are increasingly more teams and opportunities emerging to allow budding players to take part in the sport.

One team which is encouraging new players to join in is Wembley Stallions, who are located just down the road from the stadium which has played such an important role in the sport’s development in the UK.

Jackie Smart, the team’s manager, explained to The American what it’s all about:

"With the growth in popularity of the NFL, partly due to the London Games, clubs in the UK are seeing athletes converting from more traditional British sports, like Rugby or Soccer to American Football.  There are nearly 100 clubs in the UK, from Cornwall to Edinburgh, offering tackle football from age 13yrs+.  We play in a competitive league under the British American Football Association (BAFA), and also have a Great Britain team who play internationally.

"The Wembley Stallions AFC are a community team based in North West London. We have four teams Under 17s, Under 19s, Women's and Senior Teams - with over 200 players through our door!  We will be holding try out events on Saturday 30th November, from 10am until 1pm. All you will need is sports clothes, a gum shield and football boots. If you have your own pads and helmet please bring them along.

"We hold these at our home ground (LPOSSA) Hussain Close, HA1 3QL

- Open to anyone aged 13yrs+
- No previous playing experience required
- Helmets and shoulder Pads provided
- Four Teams (Under 17s, Under 19s, Womens and Senior)
- Accessible by tube and bus

"These sessions are an introduction to American Football where you can learn the sport in a fun, team environment. Get fit and get ready to start the pre-season in January with the Wembley Stallions”

So if you’ve enjoyed watching NFL in London, there are plenty of chances to take part and take your enjoyment of the sport to a new level.

Check out the Wembley Stallions AFC on our Website www.wembleystallions.co.uk , Twitter @stallions_AFC or Facebook @wembleystallionsafc.


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