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July 6 2020

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Vanderbilt U. Tube
November 7, 2007            by Michael Burland

Vanderbilt University has launched its own channel on YouTube, the video-share website. "We have innovative video and YouTube has millions of viewers; working together simply made perfect sense," explained Michael Schoenfeld, Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs at Vanderbilt. "Our new YouTube Channel gives us yet another tool to bring Vanderbilt University to the world in a dynamic and meaningful way."

Vanderbilt has been at the forefront of new media use in education circles, including podcastsand its own award-winning online news network VUCast (www.vanderbilt.edu/news). The university's new YouTube channel will have lectures, concerts, news pieces and innovative content straight from Vanderbilt classrooms.

Particularly useful for students who may be considering attending Vanderbilt (and their parents) but are based in the UK or Europe and can't just 'drop in' for a visit are video clips 'starring' Douglas Christiansen, Vanderbilt's a Dean of Admissions, who tackles questions such as, "How should I prepare for my college essay – what if I'm not the greatest writer?", "My parents have decent jobs, but we haven't saved much for college. What are my chances of getting financial aid?" and "As an admissions insider, what tips can you give to help me sound my best in my application?". Christiansen also talks about when extracurricular activities can actually hurt an applicant and how to ease the stress surrounding the admissions process.


Vanderbilt University's YouTube channel
Vanderbilt University's YouTube channel

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