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The Simpson Cup 2018 – Team USA – Kevin McCloskey
American Golfer Kevin McCloskey tells us about the On Course Foundation and taking part in the US v UK Tournament for injured servicemen and veterans
Published on August 17, 2018

Kevin McCloskey Team USA's Kevin McCloskey
State: Pennsylvania
Age: 31
Regiment: 2ND ID 1-506 INF
Injury: Above knee and below knee amputee, blind in right eye, fake hip, fake pelvis, fake wrist, TBI
Golf Handicap: 14
Simpson's Cup Debut: 2018

Thank you for talking to The American magazine about the On Course Foundation and the upcoming Simpson Cup. First of all, can you tell us where in the States you're from?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

How did you become involved with the On Course Foundation, and the upcoming Simpson Cup?

I started golfing 5 years ago. It has been a huge part of my recovery. For years I hid in the dark but golf has brought me back to sunlight. I thank Chris Bowers from the bottom of my heart for linking me up with such a amazing group.

What does being involved in the organization mean to you, and how has it helped you personally?

It is truly an honor to be a part of a team again. I have been some what of a loner for years. Being able to represent this great country once again is a dream come true. Being a part of this team is even further beyond that. I never expected to find this kind of camaraderie again.

With awareness of the needs of veterans and servicemen and women always growing, how does it feel to be part of a competition which both raises awareness as well as offers an opportunity for veterans to compete?

I feel like we are all blessed. We were injured and all hit low points. With organizations like On Course, The fall isn’t as hard. I was welcomed with open arms and I will do the same to our veterans in the future. On Course is not just about golf. It’s about getting your life back on course too.

Had you played Golf before your participation in the On Course Foundation? If not, how has the sport changed your life, and if you have, how is it different for you now?

I started golfing 5 years ago. My injury was 10 years ago. I was brought into On Course this year. Golf was a escape for me for years but now it has become my life.

How has your golf improved since getting involved with the On Course Foundation?

After golfing with On Course I have noticed a lot of things about my game. This isn’t life or death. I need to relax and enjoy. For years I would get so down on myself. On Course has taught me not only about this game, but also myself.

What makes Golf an ideal sport for recovering service personnel?

I have told everyone going through therapy, military or not. Golf is great for your future. You get from it what you put in. I believe that is the same code of life. You need to live to be alive!

Is it important to you that disabled golfers can play against able bodied ones on an equal basis?

I have been golfing for a few years now. Every time I play, I play with family and friends. Joining an organization like On Course gives you the opportunity to learn. Not only about yourself but about your brother and sisters. Playing others with the same injuries as you allows you to feel free. You are able to feel like the playing ground is equal. The way we get treated sometimes from civilians makes you feel babied. There is none of that when it comes to vet vs vet.

How does it feel to be representing the USA ahead of the Simpson Cup on home soil?

Philadelphia is a big city. I’m pretty sure anyone that knows my name, they know I’m playing in the Simpson Cup. I can’t even explain what it means. Just typing is getting me excited. I feel like I am America. I grew up in a working class family. Went to school. Had my fun. Was able to Serve this great country. Was injured but am back. I am fighting my way back every day. To me that is the American dream. You have to go through hell to get to heaven.

The Simpson Cup is a Transtlantic competition pitting the USA against the UK. Have you served alongside British forces before?

I have served next to the Brits in Afghanistan. If the conversations and bullshitting is the same as then, it will be an eventful week and entertaining to say the least.

How intense will the competition be for the Simpson Cup?

How intense will competition be? I’ll only say this. If I have to finish the 18th hole crawling without my legs to finish. I will. WE WILL WIN!

What aspect of being involved in the foundation and The Simpson Cup are you most proud of?

I have not felt this good in years. The Simpson Cup has brought that grit back to my stomach. I want to fight. I want to make sure this great country gets another W. To everyone that is involved in the Simpson Cup. I thank you. GAME ON.

The 2018 Edition of The Simpson Cup takes place at The Maidstone Club in East Hampton, New York between September 23 and 26. Find out more about the Cup and keep to date with results via their website, www.simpsoncup.com. You can find out more about the On Course Foundation via www.oncoursefoundation.com. Good luck Team USA!


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