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The Simpson Cup 2018 – Team USA – Marty Caraway
American Golfer Marty Caraway tells us about the On Course Foundation and taking part in the US v UK Tournament for injured servicemen and veterans
Published on August 17, 2018

Marty Caraway Team USA's Marty Caraway
State: Minnesota
Age: 37
Regiment: USMC 4th Civil Affairs Group
Injury: TBI, PTSD, recurring Myocarditis
Golf Handicap: 14
Simpson's Cup Debut: 2018

Thank you for talking to The American magazine about the On Course Foundation and the upcoming Simpson Cup. First of all, can you tell us where in the States you're from?

Southwest MN near a small town Delhi, MN. If you have ever seen Little House on the Prairie, I am a half hour away from the town which it was based. Middle of nowhere.

How did you become involved with the On Course Foundation, and the upcoming Simpson Cup?

I met Chris Bowers at another tournament. He and I meshed really well. He told me about the Simpson Cup. Immediately I loved the idea and he helped me through the process to get an invite to a qualifier the next year.

What does being involved in the organization mean to you, and how has it helped you personally?

The friendships and comradery are amazing. Anytime you can meet like-minded people with similar life experiences, you’re bound to have a great time. The Simpson Cup and On Course have really pushed me to set higher goals for myself in the game of golf and in life. Crossing one off only means the next goal is set higher.

With awareness of the needs of veterans and servicemen and women always growing, how does it feel to be part of a competition which both raises awareness as well as offers an opportunity for veterans to compete?

I am truly honored to play my small part in spreading the word and expanding the reach of the On Course Foundation. To represent US veterans and US golf, unbelievable. I wish I had better words for this question but honestly the honor is so enormous I don’t think the full magnitude has hit home yet.

Had you played Golf before your participation in the On Course Foundation? If not, how has the sport changed your life, and if you have, how is it different for you now?

Yes I did. I wasn’t any good. Didn’t play by the rules and was just a casual swinger of clubs. On Course has turned golf into a sport that I am able to compete, something I never thought was possible. My game has severe peaks and valleys but I feel close.

How has your golf improved since getting involved with the On Course Foundation?

On Course has really encouraged me to improve my game and think about my shots in ways I hadn’t before. My short game via the 7 day in Orlando improved tremendously and is something I still pride myself on two years after that clinic.

What makes Golf an ideal sport for recovering service personnel?

Everyone is horrible when they start so you don’t have to eat as much humble pie. Everyday you see improvements in some element of your game and there is always another goal to achieve and it can be played for the rest of your life. Very few sports can say that.

Is it important to you that disabled golfers can play against able bodied ones on an equal basis?

A golf swing is like a fingerprint, all unique to the individual. Prior to meeting Chris Bowers, I couldn’t imagine how a lower extremity amputee could swing so good. Then Chad Pfeifer, Andrew Smith, Jake, Mike, c’mon I would put this team of guys against anyone. I think it is important for golf is pretty inclusive and it needs to remain that way.

How does it feel to be representing the USA ahead of the Simpson Cup on home soil?

I am in a state of shock. I am excited, and determined. I haven't had the chance to really think about what has been accomplished, I am hyper focused on where I need to be in my game next month.

The Simpson Cup is a Transtlantic competition pitting the USA against the UK. Have you served alongside British forces before?

I did serve with some Royal Airforce and Royal Marines. It was only a short time in 2003 and they were incredible at their jobs and as humans. I take a lot of pride working with them then.

How intense will the competition be for the Simpson Cup?

Tom Brady would fold under this pressure cooker ... Of course I am joking but, for us this is our Super Bowl, our Ryder Cup. This is it. As much as we love and respect one another, I expect none of us will show each other any mercy.

What aspect of being involved in the foundation and The Simpson Cup are you most proud of?

Pride ... in all of us. Every person on both teams had to grind to get here. Nothing was easy. All paths were different but here we are. Representing our nations, once again.

The 2018 Edition of The Simpson Cup takes place at The Maidstone Club in East Hampton, New York between September 23 and 26. Find out more about the Cup and keep to date with results via their website, www.simpsoncup.com. You can find out more about the On Course Foundation via www.oncoursefoundation.com. Good luck Team USA!


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