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The American magazine is your passport to all things American this side of the Atlantic. For all Americans and those connected to the States in the UK; whether newly arrived, visitors or established globetrotters, The American delivers the latest news, features, events, US sports and practical advice on living the Transatlantic life. With articles written by Americans for Americans, and content curated for the best coverage of the USA in the UK.

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* Key regular features include:

News: News on Americans in the UK, the Special Relationship, and important updates

Diary Dates: The latest upcoming events, festivals, and activities

Features: Interviews, history, life stories, politics

The 4-1-1: The latest articles to help with life in the UK, including finance, US tax, healthcare, education, property and more

Food & Drink: Find out which UK eateries tickle our American tastebuds

Art and Culture: Music, theater, museums, art - it's all here, and more, celebrating American and International Culture in the UK

US Sport: News, reviews, previews and insights to keep you in the loop on American Sports including NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA

US Social Groups: Our comprehensive list of US/UK Social Groups

Plus cartoons, competitions and more


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