March 5, 2020
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It seems like most weeks we begin this newsletter with reference to how much is going on in the world (that and the British weather). This week it’s quite important because the spread of Coronavirus in the UK and US could have implications on basic things like Transatlantic travel, work arrangements, school and healthcare. We’ve set up a web page which contains links and resources to the latest updates - see the top News story below - and we’ll keep you informed if, or likely when, advice is issued that affects Americans in the UK.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – we’ve got some great features in this week’s newsletter, including art, theater, and the latest issue of The American is out now, so if you’re stuck indoors, grab a subscription to cheer yourself up! Enjoy your newsletter and stay safe and well.
Article One

NEWS | Coronavirus Updates for Overseas Americans

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Article Two

NEWS | American Accent Heard in UK Parliament

Article Three NEWS | Can Americans in London vote in the London Mayoral Elections?
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Article Four

NEWS | Andrew Carnegie Portrait unveiled at Scottish Birthplace Museum

Article Five FEATURES | Alfred Cohen: An American Artist in Europe
Article Six INTERVIEWS | Interview: Sebastian Barry ‘On Blueberry Hill’
Article Seven ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT | The Visit
Article Eight ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT | A Number
Article Nine THE 4-1-1 | A Look at the US Federal Gift Horse
Article Ten THE 4-1-1 | The Race for Tax Filing Deadlines…
Article Eleven THE 4-1-1 | Investing in UK Pension Plans
Article Twelve SUBSCRIBE | March/April 2020 issue Out Now
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