March 12, 2020
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There’s something we can’t get away from this week, and that’s the spread of Coronavirus. It’s been all over the news, and there’s a chance you may be worn out by all the coverage, but if you travel between the US and UK or have Transatlantic links, there are some updates that are best to be aware of. Firstly, the UK isn’t affected by Donald Trump’s European travel ban, and secondly, neither are US Citizens. However, the knock on effect of flight cancellations is likely to cause delays, both in passenger travel and international mail. Additionally, the White House say US travelers from Europe will be diverted to particular airports, which could change itineraries. The best advice is to keep calm, stay aware, and remain vigilant.

Now that’s out of the way... This week, we speak with Mr Boogie Woogie, Ben Waters, who is teaming up with the iconic Ronnie Wood to celebrate the music of Chuck Berry. We also preview the Alfred Cohen art exhibition, delving into the history of the American who made his name in the UK. There’s also a very moving first vignette in a series of articles by the Cambridge American Cemetery, revealing the stories of ordinary Americans who did extraordinary things during World War Two.

Stay safe, remain well and enjoy your newsletter.
Article One

NEWS | Coronavirus Updates for Overseas Americans

Article Two

NEWS | Trump Bans European-US Travel

Article Three

NEWS | International Mail Delays due to Coronavirus

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Article Four

NEWS | Transatlantic Flights Affected by Coronavirus

Article Five

NEWS | Former Members of US Congress discuss US Politics in UK

Article Six

NEWS | George Washington Letter Reveals 18th Century US-UK Relations

Article Seven

NEWS | Kermit Roosevelt Lecture Underlines US-UK Military Partnership

Article Eight

NEWS | US Vote Foundation calls for Mail Ballots in States

Article Nine

NEWS | US and UK City Congestion Compared

Article Ten INTERVIEWS | Ben Waters and Ronnie Wood Celebrate Chuck Berry
Article Eleven FEATURES | Faces of Cambridge: 1Lt Lyle J Doerr
Article Twelve FEATURES | Alfred Cohen: An American Artist in Europe
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