April 3, 2020
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There's some good news to begin with for overseas US Taxpayers this week. Many of you will be receiving a rebate as part of the US Government CARES Act. Our top two stories look at the rebate, including a free Webinar scheduled for April 7 to explain it all. At the same time, there's also been an increase in scams relating to Coronavirus rebates, so especially if you have self isolating elderly relatives, check out the IRS warning and pass it on.

This week, we've got together some great content for you. Some of our regular writers share their thoughts on the current situation, whilst we've also been working with US and UK historians on a series of articles about Anglo-American history. There's also a really useful Q&A on the tax situation related to the Coronavirus. So wherever you are, stay well, stay indoors, grab your beverage of choice, and enjoy your newsletter.
Article One

NEWS | Americans Abroad Entitled to Recovery Rebate Funds

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Article Two

NEWS | Monetary Relief for Overseas Americans: Webinar

Article Three

NEWS | IRS Warns of Coronavirus Payment Scams

Article Four

NEWS | Pompeo Warns Americans to Fly Home 'Immediately'

Article Five

NEWS | UK Visa Applications Delayed/Suspended

Article Six FEATURES | Now You’re Working From Home
Article Seven FEATURES | Listen To Mother – Mother Nature’s Lesson to humanity
Article Eight POLITICS | Online Learning
Article Nine FEATURES | Online Ways to Unlock The Lockdown
Article Ten HISTORY | Our Man in New York
Article Eleven HISTORY | The One World of Wendell Willkie
Article Twelve HISTORY | Washington’s First American Cabinet: The Creation of an Institution
Article Thirteen HISTORY | Lawrence of Arabia: Legend or Genius?
Article Fourteen HISTORY | Dare to Imagine a Righteous Black
Article Fifteen THE 4-1-1 | Coronavirus and US Taxes - Your Questions Answered
Article Sixteen THE 4-1-1 | Best way to get your coronavirus rebate fast and easy
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