April 9, 2020
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It was on this day, April 9, 1963, that Winston Churchill was made an honorary citizen of the United States, so I hope you’ll forgive your humble newsletter writer for picking out a Churchillian quote that seems apt for the time - “There is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.” As we enter the Easter break, and a likely extension to the lockdown, enduring for the safety of others is the best thing we can do – so do listen to advice and stay home, and safe indoors where you can. The use of the word ‘dare’ is interesting though. Perhaps a reminder that, even in times of difficulty, we can dare to do more – something as simple as reaching out to someone in need, or as courageous as those volunteering to support the NHS and other vital services. Or maybe contacting us! Americans across the UK are experiencing the lockdown in different ways, so do drop us an e-mail on editor@theamerican.co.uk and let us know how you are.

This week, we speak to several people who have dared to do things differently too. James Naughtie, the acclaimed BBC Broadcaster, tells us about covering US politics for the last 50 years. Shana Douglas, an Anglo-American violinist living in London, explains her recent virtual concert with a friend in New Zealand. Sonia Purcell tells us about an American spy who worked for the Brits and Americans in WW2, and we find out about the history of coffee. Plus, two of our regular sports contributors turn their hands to tips and advice for life in lockdown.

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Article One

NEWS | How is COVID-19 affecting overseas voters ahead of 2020 US Presidential Election?

Article Two

NEWS | Updated Advice on UK Visas during Lockdown

Article Three

NEWS | EU Offers Lacklustre FATCA Response

Article Four INTERVIEWS | James Naughtie's American Adventures
Article Five INTERVIEWS | Shana Douglas and the Special Relationship
Article Six INTERVIEWS | Virginia Hall: The Transatlantic WW2 Spy
Article Seven INTERVIEWS | Coffee: A History of the Mind-Altering Everyday Necessity
Article Eight FEATURES | Dispatches from Lockdown
Article Nine FEATURES | CoronaThoughts - “Go 1-0 Today”
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